Cannabis Debt

The Cannabis Industry and Predatory Debt; A Word to the Wise

Navigate predatory debt with us and unlock success in the cannabis industry. We offer expert insights & solutions for pre-operation license holders facing economic challenges. Call us at 551-220-4419!

Safe Harbors to AKS and Why They Matter

The Federal AKS is a law that prohibits any remuneration in exchange for referrals for services or products covered by government health programs

New Jersey’s Cannabis Industry is Primed to Explode

Those in the know are excited about what lies ahead for New Jersey’s cannabis industry, 2023 is set to be an explosive year.

New Jersey Codey Law Summary

The practice of physician self-referral occurs when a physician refers patients to entities in which they have a financial interest.

Federal Anti-Kickback Statute

The Federal AKS prohibits offering, soliciting, paying, or receiving anything of value in exchange for referrals of federal healthcare business

The Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine

The corporate practice of medicine is a controversial issue that arises when non-physician entities contract physicians for medical services.

EKRA: Beyond Opioid Treatment

Under EKRA, benefits and discounts related to drugs for applicable beneficiaries are exempt from the statute's general prohibition on kickback

Cannabis and Real Estate Lending; Securing Opportunity in the Face of Widespread Fear

This article "Cannabis and Real Estate Lending; Securing Opportunity in the Face of Widespread Fear.", discusses the current state and prospects of the cannabis industry in the USA. Read more!

The Struggle Continues for Recipients of a New Jersey Conditional Cannabis License

Analyze the challenges faced by New Jersey's conditional cannabis license recipients and discover The Anderson Firm, P.C. offers legal guidance and business advisory services. Read more!

The Sale-Leaseback Transaction; A Utility Tool for Cannabis Operators and Lenders Alike

With our informative article, discover the power of Sale-Leaseback Transactions in the booming cannabis industry. We offer chances to lenders and operators with this unique financing tool. Learn more!

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