The Struggle Continues for Recipients of a New Jersey Conditional Cannabis License

New Jersey began accepting cannabis license applications for its adult use market back in December of 2021 and started issuing the first of its many conditional licenses in March of 2022. Conditional licenses issued in the state were given first to those who qualify for priority status (i.e. due to their social equity, veteran status, […]

The Sale-Leaseback Transaction; A Utility Tool for Cannabis Operators and Lenders Alike

As the US economy goes through its struggles, the cannabis industry continues to pick up momentum with each passing month. Although any realistic amendments to federal banking and criminal regulations seem to be far off in the future, the cannabis industry is made up of clever investors and operators alike, and together they are finding […]

Prioritizing Urgency vs. Importance

Understanding what your company is and where you want to take it on an esoteric level is important for a number of reasons. Of course, the aforementioned discussion is pertinent, however, in terms of practical application this deeper comprehension of what you are will allow you to avoid wasted time and disorganized structure. A major […]

Real Estate and Cannabis; A Convergence of New and Old

Real Estate and Cannabis; A Convergence of New and Old

Understanding What Your Company Is

For how to get from concept to profit, it’s important to understand what your product or service is and what problems it will solve.

Entrepreneurial Thought-Kit; Early-Stage Decisions for Long-Term Success

The interplay of early-stage decisions and long-term goals of a company are more intertwined than most business owners or entrepreneurs realize. More importantly, long-term business strategy often pulls its foundational framework from early-stage legal decisions that are interconnected on a fundamental level. Decisions surrounding corporate business structures, fundraising and control vs. equity ownership, tax considerations, […]

New Jersey and the Cannabis Industry – A Step Ahead

States across the country have quickly adjusted to the changing times and passed varying statutes and regulations pertaining to the legality or decriminalization of cannabis. These regulations are aimed at both bolstering local economies and communities, as well as in response to a recognition that cannabis-related products have positive medicinal properties for the consumer. However, […]

Cannabis and Big Business – Present and Future Partners

Previously associated with the War on Drugs, the cannabis industry slowly crept into the mainstream economy over the last few decades via grassroots political movements in scattered pockets across the country. What was once a trickling of change is now a rush of political and economic transformation that is now quietly being fueled by big […]

Why We Are Different – TAFPC Origin Story

See what makes working with us different and why you will never go back to your old attorney after working with us.

Eager for Transformation, the Entrepreneur Is Here to Stay

It’s no secret that a growing number of people across all sectors, age groups and geographic locations are feeling an innate need for self-determined independence. Whether you’ve been working for a Fortune 500 company and are disheartened by an endlessly monotonous schedule; whether you’re working up the courage to pursue that business you’ve always wanted […]

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