Eager for Transformation, the Entrepreneur Is Here to Stay

It’s no secret that a growing number of people across all sectors, age groups and geographic locations are feeling an innate need for self-determined independence. Whether you’ve been working for a Fortune 500 company and are disheartened by an endlessly monotonous schedule; whether you’re working up the courage to pursue that business you’ve always wanted to start; or whether you’ve already taken those first steps to start your own venture, people everywhere are seeking autonomy. It’s easy (and, honestly, convenient) to brush off this burning desire as a product of living through a global pandemic, however, for many, this underlying impulse began years ago, and for others, the recent change of pace has triggered honest inspiration. The reality of our current times is that people have long been faced with an uphill battle requiring an often-impossible clime through bureaucratic systems that value not the person, but its own bottom-line; bureaucratic systems that put the profits of its shareholders above the lives of its employees. Unfortunately for the “system,” and fortunately for the individual, times have changed and the entrepreneurial mindset is spreading like wildfire.

The generations of today and tomorrow are becoming empowered and are looking for meaningful purpose to put their energy behind. Over 4 million people in the US quit their jobs in April of 2021 alone, according to the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary released in early June. Additionally, current surveys estimate that roughly 1 in 4 workers are looking for new opportunities once the dangers of the pandemic subside. These are alarming numbers that should provide comfort for those seeking to breakout on their own that this desire for “change” is grounded in reality. For some, more security or simply less work is what they seek. For others eager to transform their own lives and the lives of those around them, the entrepreneurial path is the only route to success. The questions facing most, however, is What next? How do I take my idea, my passion, my purpose from concept to profitable business? The answers to these questions are likely far simpler than one would expect. With a little guidance and partnership to take the stress out of the disorganization that accompanies the unknown, those seeking to breakout on their own are closer than they might think.

Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, work in media industry, already operate a closely held corporation, or simply want to grow your small business, The Anderson Firm, P.C. is a one-stop partner that’s here to guide you on the path to sustained success. The Anderson Firm, P.C. is made up of a group of lawyers who came from these bureaucratic conglomerates that are overusing and burning out their workforces. Faced with the very same uphill battle to find purposeful work and to live a meaningful life, Trevor Anderson struck out on his own to create The Anderson Firm, P.C. with this vision at its core. The unique combination of top-tier training and insider-industry connections with the soft-touch approach of a group of lawyers who once stood in your very shoes, we offer an unparalleled service that creates massive value for our clients. We provide a legal framework to help you standup your venture and avoid the many pitfalls that plague early ventures, while providing specialized performance and business coaching to help you quickly excel. The world is rapidly evolving and there is no better time than now to evolve with it.

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”Mr. Anderson put in 100% effort, especially when dealing with my partner’s attorney, which was the hardest part. Talking to him felt more like confiding in a friend rather than an Attorney!” – Raj S.

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