Entrepreneurial Thought-Kit; Early-Stage Decisions for Long-Term Success

The interplay of early-stage decisions and long-term goals of a company are more intertwined than most business owners or entrepreneurs realize. More importantly, long-term business strategy often pulls its foundational framework from early-stage legal decisions that are interconnected on a fundamental level. Decisions surrounding corporate business structures, fundraising and control vs. equity ownership, tax considerations, branding, hiring practices, personal liability etc. are all entangled in a complicated system that should be determined early by one’s long-term purpose and goals. The initial stages of a venture are all about setting your goals, identifying concrete steps to get there, while anticipating potential pain points to avoid. Succinct and calculated planning can oftentimes mean the difference between success and failure and an attorney with a business advisory background can often be your biggest asset.

The Anderson Firm was created by Trevor Anderson with the same mindset and determination of a true entrepreneur. Overworked, underutilized and unappreciated at previous places of employment, Trevor began planning his own venture months before launching with the goal of building his own platform while helping others do the same. Utilizing the combination of his experience in the business world with the legal framework of an attorney to plan and execute a succinct and focused business plan, The Anderson Firm, P.C. became operationally successful immediately upon kickoff. This comparative background of where we started, how we got to where we are, and the mission behind our firm to work with like-minded individuals is what makes us a true partner to guide you through the legal and business hurdles that face any young venture. The discussion of the below topics is aimed at assisting individuals who are seeking professional independence while juggling the many issues that face an entrepreneur.

Topics to be Covered:

  1. Understanding What your company is
  2. Prioritizing Urgency vs. Importance
  3. Company Structure; Personal Liabilities/Exposure
  4. Control Rights
  5. Fundraising
  6. Tax Strategies
  7. Exit Strategies
  8. Understanding Your External Brand and Internal Culture

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”Mr. Anderson put in 100% effort, especially when dealing with my partner’s attorney, which was the hardest part. Talking to him felt more like confiding in a friend rather than an Attorney!” – Raj S.

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